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Growing up

        Growing up is such a weird concept. One minute you’re carefree and do whatever you want and the next you have responsibilities and things become serious. For some people it’s a huge bummer and weighs them down and for others they may find a way around growing up completely and stay free-spirited. If you think about it, growing up isn’t what some of us fear it to be. It all depends on how you look at it and how you decide to react to the new chapter of your life.         For some people this chapter starts when they graduate high school or maybe when they graduate college. Growing up is basically your reaction to taking on more responsibility than you have ever experienced; that responsibility is you. For the first time in your life you have to think for and learn to take care of yourself and create your own way of life. Yes this can be very scary. You have to earn your own living and make big decisions. 

        For some this may means you can’t have fun anymore because you’ll be to busy, really though it all depends on your perspective. You can be the busy businessman who never does anything but work, you could have a child like complex and be a famous artist or a starving one. In the end your quality of life is perceived through your eyes and yours only. 

        What do you see? How does it make you feel? How will you respond? Will you have a positive attitude about your life? Or will you sulk at the life you wish you were living? Happiness is a perspective. If you wish to change your life you must first open your mind to the endless possibilities around you. Growing up doesn’t have to be a drag, it could be exciting! You can flourish in everything that comes your way. 

        Take the next steps in your life with a contagious positivity. It’s ok to be sacred, but know you’re never alone. 

Here is a song by TØP that inspire me to write this. 

Yes, Senioritis is a Real Thing


The struggle of senioritis is very real. Its the end of your high school career and you are SO looking forward to college and getting out of this stink hole. For those of you who maybe can’t afford a four year or don’t know what you are planning to do with your life, you will probably start off at a community college. This will only add to the potential laziness of your senior year because we all know you just need to graduate high school too get accepted. This means you can pass with as low as a D. Pretty easy right? That means you get to procrastinate on homework and sleep in class all year right? Wrong.

Please, please, PLEASE, don’t make this mistake. This is not a good path to set yourself on because you never know when you’ll take it just a little too far and wind up fighting just to have enough passing grades to graduate. No one wants to be that person who didn’t walk because they were lazy. This also applies to people who may struggle with depression. Don’t let it drag you down to the point where you hide away from your responsibilities or think you can’t do it, fight it. Ask for help from your friends, parents, teachers; they are all there to help you and are more than happy to do so.

Senior year is meant to prepare you for your upcoming years in college. Even though it may feel like your finishing the race, all these years have just been preparation for the next 4-8 years to come in college (depending on your major). Even for those who may not be attending college, it is still important to practice those skills of obtaining knowledge because you are the ones who will have to work twice as hard or more to make your way through life without a college degree.

If you ever get to that point or you’re already there when you read this, here is a link of helpful things to do when you have found yourself sinking into the pit of senioritis. Lets finish your senior year strong.


First Impressions

More often than not, we treat people biased off of how we first see them. Maybe they were in a bad mood that day and they snarled at everything and gave you the cold shoulder. Some people would perceive them as a jerk or really grumpy, unapproachable person. Do we really know who that person is though? Of course not, we have no idea what they are going through right now but all we know is that we wanna stay away from them. In the same way people can judge how you dress or your looks in general. I saw this happen a lot to the Creature in the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

“They are kind- they are most excellent creatures in the world; but, unfortunately, they are prejudiced against me. I have good dispositions; my life has been hitherto harmless and in some degree beneficial; but a fatal prejudice clouds their eyes, and where they ought to see a feeling and kind friend, they behold only a detestable monster”(pg. 135). -The Creature

This poor Man-made Creature who only wants to be loved and accepted as the humans are, only sees rejection and hatred from people; all because of his appearance. Indeed, he does take the appearance of a monster, though he was meant to be created beautiful, nothing good can come from the body parts of the dead fashions into an 8ft., stitched up, man with a child like complex because essentially he was in a sense ‘born yesterday’, but born a man. Being that he is of an innocent mind, he is kind and gentle toward this family he has been watching for the past two years. Hidden in the darkness of night, he performs tasks that he has learned from them to surprise them with an abundance of chopped wood or tended gardens. Though when he acquires the courage to approach them, he is betrayed by them. In this quote I have used on page 135, the Creature is speaking with the blind father in the house while the children are away, to see if the old man may see through conversation that he is not a monster and can help him show this to others. Though once the children return they scream and attack him with a stick.

Moral of the story: don’t always judge people by your first impressions. Give people a second chance, they may surprise you. Life is hard, sometimes you have bad days and you just wanna be done with everything, sometimes you weren’t born with that perfect metabolism or drive to be an athlete. Lets try to make peoples days a little better instead of a little worse. Hear the out before you make final decisions about people.


How Do We Fix Our Cell Phone Problem?


                    The explosive growth in cell phone usage in the past decade or so has brought about a dismaying degeneration of American social life, especially for teenagers. Having the ability to conduct a virtual presence in the form of texting or social networking at the same time as maintaining an actual one has led a split in the amount of interaction with one another and the distraction of reality. Cellular devices are creating a great distraction to the population which holds us from seeking out adventure or seeing the beauty of nature. The constant usage of cellular devices can also lead to the cause of cyberbullying. Teens who have an extensive use on their phones are more likely to engage in the practice of bullying online, as well as become bullied themselves.  

                      Of course there is only one plausible solution to this problem. A computer headset! They will look like glasses in appearance, but once you put them on you have visuals of everything you could ever need from your phone or laptop right in front of your eyes! It comes with a portable pocket keyboard so you can respond to that text your FullSizeRender-4mother sent you about dinner, and tweet about your current relationship status. You don’t have to worry about a mouse either! The glasses have sensory cameras that allow you to use your hands to click, like, grab and drag whatever you see through your lenses. No one will ever have to worry about the struggles of putting your phone away or missing out on any social media ever again. Need to make plans, but you’re stuck at work? Simply use the variety of communication apps available. From facetime to skype, all of your necessities will be met at your leisure. It will never leave your side and replace all of your awkward face to face interactions that everyone wants to avoid. Over all, it’s more convenient and more efficient.

                     However, some might think a simple solution would be to just put the phones away. Surely it can’t be that hard to turn our iPhones off and experience life, but it is. As a teenager and proud owner of an iPhone 6, I can say that there is no possible way that I could go without it. In fact, according to a 2015 study, 88% of teens have a phone. 88%!! And 92% of those people are on the internet “almost constantly”.It connects me to everyone around me and allows me to form deeper personal connections through late night texts and Twitter updates. How on earth am I expected to keep my friendships alive and healthy if I can’t log into Instagram and see what my classmates did this weekend? Besides helping me maintain my social status, my phone allows me to keep in contact with my family, something that would definitely be impossible without it. Forget attending family gatherings, it’s just so much easier to shoot grandma a text every few weeks or to see how my aunt and her family are doing through Facebook. It is absurd to suggest that teenagers, who have grown up in the age of technology, put away their phones. It’s just simply impossible to function without it. The easiest solution would be to play off of what America’s youth already knows, and increase the use of technology in the world.

Here is a cute little video I found that shows the problem.


Why You Gotta Be So Rude?


Hello friends, today is the day that I have had the last straw. Most of the time I am a semi-patient person. I try my best not to offend people and try to be the peacemaker. I try to let things slide that may offend or disrespect me or point it out in a calm way to people if they do, but on this day, an acquaintance of mine that started out as my friend has relentlessly and obliviously been rude to me for the last time. I’ve had enough. To this person I am speaking about if you ever see this, I’m sorry for whatever I did to you to make you crave to treat me in such a manner or maybe it is just your own problem/reason for hating me or something, doesn’t matter. Stop it. Stop it right now. You have no right to treat anyone this way or to taunt people with passive aggressive manipulativeness that makes people give you attention or makes me feel as though it was my fault when in fact it wasn’t.

Though I’lll admit, I’m no perfect person and I am truly sorry if I did do something against you, but for the love of all things good, tell me about it, confront me, talk to me. Be mature about it PLEASE because I’m losing whatever patience I have left and I’m losing it fast. I promise I’ll try my best to figure out what went wrong, but for the mean time that doesn’t mean you get to push me around. Can we be adults about this? Please and thank you.

Sincerely, A Very Frustrated Person



Life Sucks


Depression and anxiety really sucks the life out of you. One minute you care about everything all at once and everything has to be perfect and every one in your life has to be happy and you have to put others before yourself. Another minute you could care less about the world and you just want everyone to stay out of your face so you can crawl into a whole and cry forever. This is my life, I care and I don’t all at once and it’s exhausting.

Sometimes I feel like I try so hard for people to be happy and put up with everyones problems, never thinking of myself, pushing down my emotions for everyone else. I know it’s not something that I have to do or even that I should do, but of course it feels like the best option at the time. Then I realize how stupid I’m being, and that I should take care of myself, this is my life and their problems aren’t my problems. Then I become selfish, I do something careless, they become hurt and I immediately regret it. I say sorry a thousand times, but I know that’s not going to cut it, it never does, and rightly so it shouldn’t. Sorry is our way of covering our behinds, when we forget to use the floating piece of flesh in our skull. It never means anything. The only thing that makes it right is to learn from it and earn back what was lost and we all know thats easier said than done. I just wish that my sorry’s weren’t so abundant, that my fears so strong, that my reaction so overly-felt.

I guess my vented point here is that life can suck and it sucks for different people in different ways. I suppose this is my way of sucking at life. Happy new year and God speed.

Living With Grief


Losing someone you love is never easy. The grief that comes with it can be unbearable but we find a way. When I lost my grandma i almost lost it. she was everything to me. She was practically my second mother since both my parents had full time jobs for a good portion of my childhood. However, they still did the best they could to be there for me, they are wonderful parents.

She was always there for me in the beginning. She was my study buddy for english, my best friend, my keeper of secrets, the one who would take me home from school and make me grilled cheese, and the one who would sneak me candy when my parents told me I couldn’t have any.

Her passing was one of the hardest things I’ve experienced and I’m still grieving for her 3 years later, but thats ok. We are allowed to miss our loved ones. They impact our lives so greatly It’s hard to to mourn their loss. It reminds us of what they did for us. Although, there does come a time to move on and live your life in memory of then and not to dwell on the sorrow, but rather the good they have influenced upon us. In some cases, (whatever your beliefs may be), you can be happy for them that they are no longer suffering in this world.

Don’t let the grief take over your life, but rather let it remind you a build you up to be (in my case) the person she raised me to be, and in others the person they inspired you to be.

Drama llama

Dear Alexa, through all of these years we have stuck together through thick and thin. Through all the cliché highschool drama, to the family troubles and personality changes.

Drama is a hard thing to stay away from. Some say it’s even impossible. I know that this year you wanted to stay as far away from the drama as you could to have a stress free environment and mental state. I managed to do this sometime in the middle of my junior year by leaving all of the friends I had and branching off to new faces, accept for you of course, because you’re my best friend. It worked well for me and the atmosphere I had been so a costumed to changed dramatically and the realization of just how deep in the mud I was became clear.

Sometimes you need to let go of the ones you love and turn away from the negativity that is created even if it feels like you have a kind of obligation to participate in it. No matter how long you’ve been there for that one friend who always comes to you for help, it’s never too late to think for yourself and for your own health and decide if the relationship is a positive or negative thing in your life.

I wish you the best of luck, love.


Why do we find things so cute?


Everybody likes cute things right? Little fuzzy animals like rabbits puppies and kittens,  little chubby cheeked babies with big blue eyes, and tiny little fingers and toes. things like that, but why do we find all of those things so adorable? What makes these things cute to us? I found the answer to be quite simple.

Humans as well as other animals have an instinct to protect and tend to their young. Babies also come into that factor. The babies big eyes, forehead and chubby little body send off a signal to us that the infant needs taking care of because it is so small innocent and helpless. The trigger is what allows us to survive and give us this protective feeling of needing to tend to the baby and or animal and all we want to do is hold it, nurture it and take care of it. Or in other words it give us the feeling of that baby and/or animal being “cute”.

Here is a link to the source explaining the info (in more detail) that I used to write this blog.

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